‘AJC’ Cites Investigative Work of Miller and Hartstein in ‘Fake News’ FYS

Dr. Judith Miller and sophomore history major Edina Hartstein tracked a disturbing recent news item about an alleged child smuggling ring. Their work was cited in the Atlanta Journal Constitution article, “Feds cobbled criminal cases together in missing children operation, creating false perception.” Read an excerpt from the article below along with more about Miller’s course on “fake news” via the Emory News Center’s feature from last year, “‘Fake News’ class helps students learn to research and identify false information.”

“Judith Miller, an associate history professor at Emory University who teaches a class on “fake news,” tracked Operation Not Forgotten’s course on social media and in news coverage as it evolved into descriptions of a “criminal enterprise” on cable TV news shows, then became a subject of the false mythology of QAnon.”