Dudziak Cited in CNN Article on the Korean War

Dr. Mary L. Dudziak, Asa Griggs Candler Professor of Law, was recently cited in an article about the Korean War. Recognizing the 70-year anniversary of the start of the conflict this week, the article presents five key points about what the U.S. Army terms “The Forgotten War.” Read the citation of Dudziak in the excerpt below along with the full piece: “The US Army once ruled Pyongyang and 5 other things you might not know about the Korean War.” Dudziak is Associated Faculty in the History Department.

“The war was the first large overseas US conflict without a declaration of war, setting a precedent for the unilateral presidential power exercised today,” Emory University law professor Mary Dudziak wrote in a 2019 opinion column for the Washington Post.
“‘The Korean War has helped to enable this century’s forever wars,’ Dudziak wrote.”