Alumni and Friends: Help Fund Student Research

The Emory College Department of History places student research at the heart of its mission. The department’s approach to learning—including quantitative analysis, close textual reading, work with primary materials, excellence in communication, and mastery of research methods—prepares students to do their own research on the cutting edge of the discipline. With a faculty distinguished for its expertise, Emory’s Department of History does more than ensure that undergraduates know about history. The department’s emphasis on independent research fosters the skills and intellectual discipline students need to thrive in any number of professions.

Through research, Emory students gain strong analytical abilities that help them in all aspects of their professional lives: in government work and with nongovernmental organizations, in medicine and other health professions, and in law and business.

Alumni and friends who want to champion historical understanding, educational excellence, or student success after graduation will find meaningful investment opportunities in undergraduate research at the Department of History.

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