Update from Kelly Damon

Kelly Damon and her son Will, who she promises did not eat much of that iced cream.

Kelly Damon, B.A./M.A. 2005, writes that after she graduated from the History Department, she earned her Master’s in Education from Harvard’s Graduate School of Education in 2007. She explains that she “went on to teach World History to high school freshmen before I left so my husband and I could start a family.  Raising a child is the most important thing I’ve ever done, and I’m grateful to Emory’s History Department for its part in making me the parent I am.  It was at Emory that I learned how to research a topic, know what questions to ask, evaluate my sources, and know when I need to keep looking.  Thanks to Emory, I get answers to my parenting questions from Psychology journals and peer-reviewed books on parenting, not from about.com or authors with better titles than credentials.  I can write my husband an annotated bibliography on popular sleep books, and when I am worried about some media hype about how we’re raising our kids, I can look for answers with confidence and feel reassured when I’ve reached a decision that it’s an educated and informed one.  And did I mention how much fun it is to travel with a good background in history?  Maybe I got a little too upset about the caption in the White Tower that blamed Richard III so concretely for the deaths of the princes, but my husband claims he enjoys having his own tour guide anyway!”