Update from Pearl Young

Pearl Young is starting the Ph.D. program in history at UNC in Fall 2011.

Pearl Young, B.A./M.A. 2010, writes that “It’s been a year of celebration! This year, 2011, Emory turns 175 years old. As assistant to Emory Vice President Gary Hauk, I’ve had the pleasure of hunting down interesting tidbits of Emory history, from putting together a  list of the first 175 professors to compiling a calendar of “Today in Emory History“. There have been some truly amazing things that have happened here at Emory, and as a proud Emory alumna, it’s been fascinating to learn more about Emory’s past! We’re home to one of the original primate research centers and are also one of the first schools to study law and religion as a unit; we have alumni who have served as vice president of the United States, as fashion designers, as Pulitzer Prize winners, and more! And, to be sure, there’s much Emory trivia as well. For example, April’s Fools may seem like the perfect day to announce yet another ludicrous claim in the Emory Wheel, but it’s also the anniversary of the original celebration of the formal transfer of Emory College to Emory University.”

In the fall, Pearl will be starting a history Ph.D. program at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. She writes, “I’m looking forward to being in a new place and studying something different. But I know that my heart will often be turning around old Emory’s shrine.”