Update from Natalia Starostina

Natalia Starostina, Ph.D. 2007, and her students in Moscow with a veteran of the Second World War.

Natalia Starostina, Ph.D. 2007, is an Assistant Professor of History at Young Harris College, Georgia. She completed her Ph.D. at Emory University in the summer of 2007 in modern French history (Advisor: Professor Kathryn Amdur). Natalia grew up in Saint-Petersburg, Russia, and was very excited to bring students from Young Harris College to Russia. In May 2010, 19 people visited Moscow and Saint Petersburg. One of the memorable events of the trip was an encounter with a veteran of the Second World War, Mr. Lysov, who arrived to Moscow to take part in the celebration of the 65-anniversary of the victory of the Allies in the Second World War. Perhaps the happiest and most remarkable day of their voyage was the visit to Peterhof, the Russian capital of fountains. In 1717, Peter the Great visited Versailles, the great project of Louis XIV, and built his own Versailles.