Update from Mack P. Holt

Mack P. Holt, Ph.D. 1982, is Professor of History at George Mason University.  Having just finished his long-term project on the Reformation and Wars of Religion in Burgundy, he is starting a new project on “Reading the Bible in Reformation France.” He is on sabbatical this semester—Spring 2011—and will be spending much of the time in Paris looking at several hundred sixteenth-century Bibles. He explains that, “My goal is to find out how lay Protestants and Catholics read their bibles, if there were confessional differences in their readings, what passages they read most, etc. I am especially interested in any readers’ marks such as underlining, marginalia, etc. that might provide clues as to how they interpreted what they read. Having been an archive rat for my entire career, I am now fully immersed in material culture and now use books as material objects rather than just texts.” He was also elected president of the Society for Reformation Research for 2010-2011.