Update from Laura Kim

Professor Cynthia Patterson presents Laura Kim with the 2007 Carter Citizen-Scholar Award.

Laura Kim, B.A. 2007, worked after graduation for the Sonoma County Economic Development Board coordinating a green business certification program. Since then, she has moved back home to Miami to help her parents with their business. She is also working for EcoWorks International, an NGO dedicated to rural development in Haiti. EcoWorks is planning to build an egg farm in Ganthier (a county about 30 miles east of Port-au-Prince), which will serves as the economic engine of the community. The profits from the egg farm will be re-invested in the community and help finance EcoWorks education & literacy programs and infrastructure improvements. Right now they are in the process of raising the money they need to start the egg farm. Among other activities, they have been involved in an event called “Art for a Cause,” which coincided with Art Basel Miami.