Update from Dwain C. Pruitt

Dwain C. Pruitt, Ph.D. 2005, met legend Stan Lee during his research on global comics culture.

Dwain C. Pruitt, Ph.D. 2005, recently returned to the classroom as an Assistant Professor of History at Georgia Gwinnett College. Prior to his new appointment, Pruitt served in a variety of capacities in the Office of the Dean of the College of Liberal Arts at Morgan State University, most notably as Assistant Dean for Administration. His most recent publications are:  “Speaking to the Children in Their Own Language: Nelson Mandela: The Authorized Comic Book,” Sankofa: A Journal of African Children’s and Young Adult Literature (November 2010); “African Communities in France,” in Hakeem Ibikunle Tijani (ed.), The African Diaspora: Historical Analysis, Poetic Verses, and Pedagogy (2010), 115-145; “Adding Color to a Four-Color World: Recent Scholarship on Race and Ethnicity in the Comics,” History: Review of New Books (Winter 2009). Pruitt is simultaneously conducting two research tracks. First, deriving from his dissertation research, is a continuing inquiry into racial policing in eighteenth-century France by researching the implementation of the 1777 Police des Noirs in several French Atlantic ports. His academic year research is in global comics culture, allowing him to explore his lifelong passion for sequential art and graphic storytelling. On a related note, Pruitt recently accomplished two long-time, comics-related dreams: meeting Stan Lee and traveling to Japan.