Update from Allison Belzer

Allison Belzer, Ph.D. 2002, published Women and the Great War.

Allison Belzer, Ph.D. 2002, writes that “After years of part-time teaching while my 2 daughters were little, I’m finally an official assistant professor of history at Armstrong Atlantic State University in Savannah, GA.  My courses run the gamut from the Renaissance/Reformation era to World Wars, but mostly I teach a lot of World Civilization core courses – who knew I’d need to learn so much about India and China?”  Her favorite perk is that she gets to lead Study Abroad trips to Siena, Italy.  This summer’s trip is for 4 weeks and her husband and children are coming, too.  Her girls call it their “second home,” and she likes getting to introduce students to Italy.  Her first book came out last October, Women and the Great War: Femininity under Fire in Italy.  She has enjoyed making her research relevant in her classes on the two World Wars.  And she writes that “I’m forever grateful to Professors Adamson and Amdur for their help in getting the dissertation done and redone enough times to make it a book!”